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Service Management

With over 40 years of experience, our team has the skills, tools, and processes to build, deploy, run, and manage end-to-end solutions for our customers. Specialising in Microsoft and Oracle technologies, we also work across other cloud platforms such as Google and Amazon. We replace the overhead of IT Service Management with the predictability of a dedicated team and clear service level objectives.

End-to-End System Management

Our packages provide flexible grades of service ranging from management of service desk tickets through to full end-to-end business system management including monitoring, upgrades and maintenance. We provide clear service level agreements and management outcomes that ensure your applications run optimally and risks are proactively identified and treated.

Application Performance Management

When your applications and systems have critical performance requirements, Park Lane can test, verify and tune to ensure your service and operational level agreements are managed to specification. We have a very particular set of skills relating to Microsoft SQL, Oracle Database and associated Business Applications… skills we have acquired over very long careers.

Emergency Support

Unplanned events occur, Park Lane can ensure your organisation resumes normal service as quickly as possible. We can provide everything from on-call support, to incident management and post incident review, analysis, and root cause remediation.

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Data Analytics

Park Lane’s hypothesis lead approach to data analytics leverages your data to uncover the ‘Why’ behind business problems. We drive business transformation by accelerating the journey from data to insight to action using modern, best of breed technologies.

Whether it’s big data analytics with Azure Synapse, automated integration and orchestration with Azure Data Factory, or creating beautiful visualisations with Power BI, we’ve got you covered!

The three key tenets underpinning every analytics engagement we deliver are:

  • Augmented – We power deeper insights by embedding ML and AI into every aspect of the analytics process.
  • Self-Service – We provide a complete end-to-end self-service capability that far surpasses data visualization.
  • Governed – We scale analytics with a secure, extensible, and personalized architecture to meet modern data Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements.

We also help organisations with their end-to-end data governance process encompassing data integration, data management, data catalogue, and data transformation services.

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Cloud Enablement

Are you considering moving some or all of your business systems to the cloud? We build cloud solutions that are autonomous, scalable and purpose-built for all enterprise workloads, from legacy to cloud native.

Minimise Technical Debt

As IT leaders become more strategic stakeholders, they are eagerly shedding traditional data center management roles. This change in the role of IT is one of the most important dynamics driving cloud adoption today.

Multiple Cloud Vendors

Park Lane works with leading cloud vendors including Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud to help you navigate this change. We deliver high performance, efficient, and scaleable cloud solutions to help your business move faster than ever before.

Autonomous, Integrated & Enterprise Class

By leveraging autonomous operations, integrated security, and enterprise-class technology services customers can simplify operations and spend less on data, platform, and infrastructure services to focus on what matters most to the bottom line.

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Software Development

Our software development team has deep expertise across a broad range of technologies, frameworks and methodologies. Our well-worn delivery process guides clients from ideation to benefits in a collaborative, measured, and predictable way. We work with all modern back/front-end technologies and can also deliver low and no-code solutions with technologies such as Microsoft Power Apps and Oracle APEX.

Financial Applications

Managing, optimising and enhancing the way you work with your valuable business data is how we support our clients. Get the most out of it, shaped the way you need it, to inform your decision making and achieve the best outcomes for your business.

Park Lane has a long heritage in the development and delivery of custom financial data management applications. We also work closely with platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle ERP, providing a full suite of services around both.

Application Modernisation

Park Lane has worked with many clients to modernise and transition legacy, on-premise workloads to modern, cloud native platforms leveraging technologies such as Microsoft Power Apps and Oracle APEX.

Increase agility across your organisation by rapidly building low-code apps with AI that modernise processes and solve tough challenges.

By leveraging autonomous database and machine-learning based automation capabilities, we significantly reduce the complexity of application development with automatic provisioning, configuring, tuning, securing, and backing up of the entire application stack.

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Strategic & Technical Advisory

Given our technology origins, we’re conscious that success is often more about making life easier for your customers and business stakeholders, not just the gadgets. Park Lane is a trusted strategic advisor to numerous Enterprise and Government customers working broadly across diverse industries and problem spaces.

Strategy Alignment

Alignment to organisational strategy is a fundamental driver to the ethos that drives our advisory practice.

Multiple Industry Verticals

Our team have expertise across many industry sectors working with stakeholders at all levels to align organisational objectives with the right technology to support business objectives.

Trusted Frameworks

We are a framework-first strategic and technical advisory partner with the capability to deliver a spectrum of engagements at all levels from Departmental to Board and CxO Advisory.

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Data Platforms

This is where it all started – Park Lane has been designing, implementing and managing Database technology for over 40 years. Our globally renowned team of experts have unparallelled experience across Microsoft and Azure SQL, Oracle Database and Autonomous Database, and a broad range of complimentary technologies.

Database Architecture, Implementation & Management

Park Lane can provide end-to-end data platform architecture, implementation and ongoing management services. We have unparallelled experience working with the full suite of Microsoft and Oracle Database technologies including legacy systems that may be in place supporting hard-to-move workloads.

Where database management may not be a core focus of your IT organisation, it certainly is ours. Park Lane can provide a full range of services ranging from ad-hoc support and project delivery to managed database as a service.

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Our Clients

With skills across Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Cloud and Data Analytics capabilities in all forms, Park Lane offers a total solution for your business.

We’d love to speak to you about how our team could help you blow the roof off your own business.