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Why Us

Why Us?

45 Over 45 years experience managing financial data.

Our team members bring their deep technical expertise to our clients to better leverage technology to achieve strategic outcomes.
We do this through advisory, managed services, data analytics & insights, software development and cloud enablement.

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We partner with leaders

Park Lane is an accredited Oracle Partner specialising in advisory, managed services, data analytics, software development and cloud enablement. As well as software and hardware purchase and licensing.

We also partner with Microsoft and in more recent times have been working across the Google suite of products particularly in the space of data analytics and machine learning.


We know tech

You wouldn’t just trust anyone with your financial data – so why trust us?

Park Lane knows financial data and we drive organisational outcomes. Our team will work with you to identify the key challenges in your business and use our knowledge of data management and associated systems to articulate what your data is telling you. Whether it be core system stability through to deep analytical insight. We work with you to minimise risk and develop actionable insights from your executive team through to your end user.

We are really smart people…

The underpants moments

At Park Lane, we celebrate the underpants moments. These are the times our team really shows their super skills, knowledge and expertise. For Clarke Kent, it was becoming Superman. For Park Lane, it’s really smart people doing a job that they’re exceptionally good at. Through these moments, we’ve been able to demonstrate our deep skills capability and ensure business critical systems and associated strategy is supported. And, we’re mostly in glasses too..

Our Clients

With skills across Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Cloud and Data Analytics capabilities in all forms, Park Lane offers a total solution for your business.

We’d love to speak to you about how our team could help you blow the roof off your own business.