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Case study: Logistics Provider


Logistics Provider


Oracle Financials & Oracle Cloud

Client Problem:

As a large logistics supplier this client who offers primarily postal services, had a convoluted authority model when it came to supporting their billing system CMS. This is an Oracle based application developed by Park Lane which had been in place for over 30 years. Park Lane previously provided only the application development support for that period whilst the network infrastructure and separately the application support desk had been managed by two other organisations. This created complexity in their ‘business as usual’ operations. Separate to this, an ageing system which had been under review, was a potential candidate for replacement however a suitable alternative had not been identified.

What was our solution:

Park Lane proposed a change in the commercial engagement whereby the support of the application sits exclusively with Park Lane. Through this, Park Lane invested heavily in the infrastructure upgrade and took over the licensing requirements of the client so that all these dealings are now managed directly with us. Through the upgrade, the client now has access to enhanced capability which integrates with cloud capability which supports their broader strategy.

Results / Business benefit:

Upgraded infrastructure means that more modernised integration with other business applications is now possible. The simplification of the authority model is now far clearer and Park Lane’ ability to support this client and deepen a strong partnership is key to our ongoing relationship with them.


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