Our Team

Our Team

Ben Wortley


Having grown up in an entrepreneurial family with an engineering bent, I naturally landed in the software industry in the late 90’s after completing a Business degree and have remained working in it since. After working my way into a CEO role with a technology field service business, I started independently consulting before landing a role with a publicly listed firm running their consulting practice with a team of hundreds spread across Australia and Hong Kong.

I met Lurline Archay, the owner of Park Lane, during my consulting days and was enamoured with her commercial acumen, intellect and strong customer relationships. Fast-forward a few years, and I was given, along with Melissa, the opportunity to become a shareholder.

We’ve been working ever since to build on the incredible foundations laid by Lurline and her team of experts to service a broader range of industries.

Ben Wortley

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Melissa Wortley

Chief Executive Officer

I have been working in the IT sector for 4 years.  I pursued a role in IT because I had an opportunity to become a shareholder in Park Lane. It appealed to me as it was led by an inspiring and progressive woman, Lurline Archay, as well as an opportunity for my husband and I to work more closely together for the first time. Over four years later, we still like each other!

I am recognised by my peers for being relatable and my ability to bring people together, nurturing a supportive and committed work environment. And let’s not forget about getting emotional at Christmas parties…

I am passionate about building meaningful relationships with our clients, partners and team members. I recently lead a successful major infrastructure upgrade program with one of our clients – and I’m not a techie!

I believe in something bigger than me that I can impact on in the future in leading authentically.  I want people to experience the real deal with me and I hope that this honesty and at times bravery to do this, can impact those around me and demonstrate the benefit of being true to yourself and others.

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Georgia Dunshea

Management Accountant

I’ve worked in finance and accounting for the majority of my career. In 2017 I joined Park Lane, bringing with me a host of experience managing investor-, financial-, and SMSF ledger reporting across major engineering, venture capital and chartered accounting firms.

During my career, I’ve managed company financials that have spanned international borders, which places me well to support our international clients and our team in Sri Lanka.

Day to day, my role sees me maintaining and managing the financial accounts and systems of Park Lane, enabling robust governance of the business.

I believe in the importance of always seeking to understand others.


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Our Clients

With skills across Oracle, Microsoft, Google, Cloud and Data Analytics capabilities in all forms, Park Lane offers a total solution for your business.

We’d love to speak to you about how our team could help you blow the roof off your own business.