Major University

Case study: Major University


Major University


SQL Server

Client Problem:

This University engaged Park Lane to support their SQL Server database environment and carry out a full review. This review identified a case of SQL Server Sprawl and legacy out of support software versions. From this review Park Lane recommended a combined consolidation and upgrade effort.

What was our solution:

  • Consolidate SQL server databases onto a single managed platform
  • Upgrade the databases to a base version of SQL Server 2017
  • Enable Always-On High Availability and DR across the board for all SQL Server databases

Results / Business benefit:

The realized benefits of this consolidation project were:

  • Reduction in support effort with greatly reduced VM and OS instance count
  • Baseline supported software version, enabling patching and vendor support for unsupported instances
  • Storage space savings associated with reduced OS and VM instances.
  • Always-On High availability for all SQL Server databases.  Much easier tracking of SQL server inventory.  The consolidation also paves the way to future cloud uplift if that is desired path.

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